High grade ceramic new building chimney SL
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Primary Sizes

SL 12
34 x 34 cm
SL 14
36 x 36 cm
SL 16 36 x 36 cm
SL 18 40 x 40 cm
SL 20 43 x 43 cm
SVL 1808
40 x 69 cm
SVL 1810
40 x 69 cm
SL 1812
40 x 69 cm
SL 1814
40 x 69 cm
SVLI 1608
38 x 62 cm
SVLI 1610
38 x 62 cm
SVLI 1612
38 x 62 cm

I stands for additional
installation shaft
(double-flue 6.5 x 20 cm)

For further sizes,
see Price List
pp. 12 – 13;
Special sizes upon request

Ambient-air independent for solid fuels

Chimney systems
Triple-shelled, concentric air inlet, high-grade ceramic pipes, counter current operation, for dry and wet operation

Licence number
Z-7.1-3317 W3 licensed for pellets, CE identification for the high-grade ceramic pipes A1N1/A2P1/B2N1/D3P1, Heat Conduction Group IIa (TR 40)

System components
High-grade ceramic pipe, insulated, prefabricated elements of up to 7.5 m, ceramic cloth seals

Technical data
Ambient-air independent or ambient-air dependent for solid fuels, circulating fresh air duct, low pressure operation, in combination with gas or oil like System SV

Areas of application
Exhaust temperatures of 30 - 400° C, solid fuels, pellets, fireplace with external air inlet

Recommended cross sections
For fireplaces/tiled stoves 160 - 200 mm depending on make, for pellet fireplaces 120 - 200 depending on make and size

Connection possibilities
One fireplace for ambient air-independent solid fuel, more than one fireplace for ambient-air dependent solid fuel

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