Ergoldsbacher Falzziegel/Sinterfalz 
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A robust and rustic ceramic roof for large and closed roof surfaces.
Its interlocking placement makes it especially secure in storms and strong precipitation.
• Requirement per m²: approx. 15 pieces • standard roof slope: 30° • Colours: Natural Red, Copper Brown Engobe, Red Engobe, Sinter Red

Technical data Ergoldsbacher Falzziegel/Sinterfalz
ca. 22,4 - 40,5 cm
Covering length
ca. 32,6 - 33,8 cm
Medium Covering width
ca. 19,8 cm
Supply required per m² (pieces)
ca. 15,0
Weight per piece
ca. 3,1 kg
Weight per m² (DIN 1055)
ca. 0,55 kN/m²
Real weight
ca. 48,0 kg/m²
Pieces per pallet
Weight per pallet
ca. 860 kg
Bundle capacity (tiles)
Hail resistance class

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