Ergoldsbacher Monaco 
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Southern Charm. Brings a Mediterranean feeling to your home.

The Ergoldsbacher Monaco is a classical, highly profiled, Mediterranean roof tile. Its striking profile gives your roof the play of light and shadow familiar to southern regions.

The “Classic” engobe has been designed in harmonious shades of colour and gives the tile its attractive appearance.
Due to its strong interlocking joint, the Monaco is also very well-suited to the heavy rainfalls of Central Europe.

Technical data Ergoldsbacher Monaco
ca. 25,5 x 42,0 cm
Covering length
ca. 33,8 - 34,3 cm
Medium Covering width
ca. 19,9 cm
Supply required per m²
ca. 14,5
Weight per piece
ca. 3,8 kg
Weight per m² (DIN 1055)
ca. 0,55 kN/m²
Real weight
ca. 55 kg/m²

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