High-grade ceramic lightweight chimney LC assembly 
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Solid fuel, oil, gas low-temperature

Chimney systems
Triple-shelled lightweight chimney, high-grade ceramic pipes, for dry and moist operation

Licence number
Z-7.1-3400 - W3G approval also for pellets, CE identification of the high-grade ceramic pipes A1N1/A2P1/B2N1/D3P1 thermal conductivity class I (TR 65)

System components
High-grade ceramic pipe with insulation, length 1 metre, calcium silicate shaft with overlap

Technical data
Moisture-resistant for all fuels, soot fire-resistant. Low-pressure operation

Areas of application
Exhaust temperature between 30 and 400 °C, liquid, gaseous and solid fuels

Recommended cross sections
for fireplaces, tiled stoves 160 - 200 mm. for gas low-temperature up to 25 KW 120 mm for oil low-temperature up to 25 KW 120 mm for wood pellets 120 - 200 mm depending upon manufacturer and size

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