High-grade ceramic pipe-in-pipe-system RIR 
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available sizes:

19,5 cm

Gas/oil fuel value technology

Chimney systems
Twin-shelled exhaust line, high-grade ceramic pipe in high-grade ceramic pipe, counter current operation, for wet operation

Licence number
Z-7.5-3343, CE identification for the high-grade ceramic pipes A1N1/A2P1/B2N1/D3P1

System components
High-grade ceramic pipes, spacer, elastomer seals

Technical data
Only for buildings of Building Categories 1 and 2! Moisture-resistant for oil and gas fuel value technology, ambient air-independent, overpressure operation

Areas of application
Exhaust temperatures of 30 – 160°C, oil or gas fuel value technology, in buildings of Building Categories 1 and 2

Recommended cross sections
For gas fuel value technology up to 25 kW 80 mm < calculate if over 25 KW! Calculate also for oil fuel value

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