High grade chimney exterior chimney ACE
Chimney for solid fuels
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ACE 12
28,5 cm
ACE 14
31 cm
ACE 16
31 cm
ACE 18
36 cm
ACE 20
36 cm
ACE 25
41 cm

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All fuels (W3G)

Chimney systems
Triple-shelled exterior chimney with stainless steel casing and high-grade ceramic inner pipes

Licence number
Z-7.1-3349, CE identification for the high-grade ceramic pipes A1N1/A2P1/B2N1/D3P1

System components
Inner pipe: high-grade ceramic with insulation, outer pipe: stainless steel casing, wall holder and console

Technical data
Double-walled, insulated exterior chimney for all fuels

Areas of application
Exhaust temperature up to 400°C, moisture-resistant (W3G)

Recommended cross sections
For fireplaces/tiled stoves 160 - 200 mm, for gas low-temperature up to 25 kW 120 mm, for oil low-temperature up to 25 kW 120 mm, wood pellets 120-200 mm depending on make and size

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